31Ports USB HUB

I made a 31 ports USB HUB!

Five USB HUB boards and +5V power supply unit are stacked up.

This side have 15 Ports (3x5).

The other side have 16 Ports (4x4).

Chassis is made from aluminum.

Fill all 31 ports with USB devices! Cables look like spagetti!

Screen shot of device manager.

How I made it

  1. Buy five 7-ports USB HUB at some electronics store for reasonable price.
  2. Take apart all HUBs to get circult boards.
  3. Remove DC power supply connectors and voltage regulators from all boards.(You may leave them on the board. But I think it's not elegant.)
  4. Remove 4 USB type A(downstream) connectors from one of the boards. (Just one of the boards. Not all of them.)
  5. Remove USB type B(upstream) connectors from the other boards. (Don't remove the type B connector on the first board.)
  6. Connect them with wires. If you want to know pin assignments of USB connectors, this site will be of help.
  7. Connect power supply unit and +5V line of all boards.
  8. Put them in chassis.


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SASAKI Shunsuke